Trophy Hunting



 Up to 149"  $3,500
 150" to 159"  $5,000
 160" to 169"  $6,500
 170" to 179"  $8,000
 180" to 189"  $9,500
 190" to 199"  $11,000
 200 to 214"  $12,500
 215" & Over  $15,000
Black Buck Antelope
 Under 18"  $1,800
 18" to 20"  $2,000
 21" & Over  $3,000
 Mouflon Ram  $3,000
 Kafue Lechewe  $4,500
 Multiple Whitetail Pkgs  $1,000 off total price
 Whitetail & Exotic Pkg  $750 off total price
 Multiple Exotic Pkgs  $500 off total price

Our Hunting Packages are all inclusive with no hidden fees which includes the following:
  • Lodging
  • Meals, beverages, refreshments and snacks
  • One on one experienced personal guide
  • Tracking of harvested animal (with blood tracking dog or on foot)
  • Field dressing and cold storage of animal
  • Transportation of harvested animal to local processor and or taxidermist
  • Transportation from and to Killeen Regional Airport

Crow Ranch Whitetails Hunting Policies:

  • All prices based upon the SCI gross scoring system. Calculating score is done by experienced personnel.
  • A guide is required on all hunts, no exceptions.
  • Guide has final say as to if and when an animal is harvested.
  • All hunters must follow all Texas Parks & Wildlife rules and regulations.
  • All hunters must possess a valid Texas hunting license and a hunter safety card if required.
  • Safe hunting practices are strictly adhered at all times.
  • A wounded animal (leaves a blood trail) is the same as a kill. (we have blood tracking dogs and every effort will be made to find your animal)
  • All hunters are required to shoot before hunting to ensure that their rifle or bow is on target. (we have a 600 yard rifle range and a 40 yard bow range)
  • All hunters are guaranteed an opportunity and in the event that no opportunity is presented, 100% of your deposit will be refunded.

 Basic Hunting Information:

Hunts are primarily from comfortable enclosed tower blinds overlooking numerous feeders and food plots. For those bow hunting enthusiast, we also have many ground, tripod and tree stands available. On foot rattling and stalking is also utilized during certain times of the season. All hunters are provided with an experienced guide to age and estimate approximate score of desired animal. The safety of our hunters and guides is always a priority at Crow Ranch Whitetails. A strict policy of the safe handling of guns, bows and ammunition during transportation to and from stands as well as in the stand and in the field is always adhered to. Your safety is our upmost concern.


Making reservations is easy! Just call us or contact us via email through the contact page. We will return your inquiry right away!

  • Brian Sullivan, Ranch Manager - (512)734-2080 or via email at
  • Wesley Crow, Owner - (512)734-5858
  • Denny Crow, Owner - (512)556-6857 

Reserved Hunt Payment:

  • Payments must be paid with cash, cahier's check, personal check or traveler's check.
  • A fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit is required at least 30 days before your scheduled hunt.
  • Additional hunts can be purchased during your stay based on the availability of animals.
  • Non hunting guests are welcome with $100 per night/person fee to cover food and lodging.
  • Remaining balance of hunt is due prior to departure.
  • Should you not be able to keep your scheduled reservation, you may send a fill-in or we will make an effort to reschedule you as soon as our calendar permits.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send a client confirmation packet containing written receipt of payment, confirmation letter and general information.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Since our ranch has MLD permits our season runs from October 1st thru February 28th and hunters are not required to use the tags on their license.
  • You will need to possess a valid Texas Hunting License. (for those travelling from out of state, we will assist you in the purchase of your license)
  • Gratuities are not included in our hunt packages but are greatly appreciated by our guides and cooks.

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